Twitter Emoticons

Learn how to write Twitter emoticons which are not enabled by default (emoticon codes won’t turn into yellow faces by default, like Yahoo messenger for example).

The idea is simple – there are many characters which can’t be found on your keyboard, for example ₪, ③ or even ☻. Yeah, that’s right, we are able to write emoticon in Twitter simply by writing that char. Sounds easy but it is not that easy since that char is not easy to write.

INSTRUCTIONS: Easiest way to enter emoticon in Twitter is to select the char from this page with your mouse, right click the selection and then select Copy from the menu. Now right click the Twitter input box, select Paste and that’s it.

Download Twitter Emoticons

We have prepared a lot more Twitter emoticons (chars) in the table below.

Name Shortcut
Various emoticons ۞ ۩
Math ¹
Weird Letters © ® ª
Greek Letters Ω

There are tons of more cool chars like this, if you know any please share them in comments below.

Download Twitter Emoticons

To download real emoticons like :) or :P click here and download them.

twitter emoticons
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