Traditional Emoticons

We are bringing you the list of all time popular traditional emoticons. You have used them millions of times, on twitter, on cell phones, on instant messengers… but you probably don’t know all of them. Check out our list and see which emoticon you didn’t know about. Under the list there are comments, you are free to add your emoticons WE didn’t know about :)

Name Emoticon
happy :)
laughing :D XD
frown :(
wink ;)
tongue :p
surprise :O
skeptical :/
grim :|
crying :’(
kiss :*
shades 8) B)
angry :@ X(
heart <3
evil >:)
angel O:)
drooling :)~
sealed lips :X
3 Responses to “Traditional Emoticons”
  1. Anonymous says:

    broken heart </3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you know what ,, is as an emoticon?

  3. Catherine Adractas says:

    An icon of emotion

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